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EU Face Advanced Communication for Elders Treasuring in Society

The exclusion of elderly individuals from the digital landscape has inspired the EUFACETS project to introduce an innovative social network model tailored to their needs and those of their extended families.

The project is focused on developing an application based on this model that allows users to digitize analog photos and share them with the elderly digitally. The elderly can then contribute stories and memories associated with the photos, which will be accessible to their family members.

The solution primarily caters to the elderly, with the goal of reuniting them with distant relatives and friends as well as reconnecting them with their pre-digital past. It is committed to avoiding the control, standardization and commercial exploitation often seen on current digital platforms based on the face.

EUFACETS Kick off meeting

EUFACETS PROGRAMME – EU Face Advanced Communications for Elders Treasuring in Society
Data e Ora
22 November 2023 – 09:30
Fondazione Bruno Kessler _ Polo Umanistico, Via Santa Croce, Trento, Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy